Thanks to the Webinar by Twitter Academy called “How to expand your follower’s base” we collected few little tips that we want to share with you all, which are useful to improve your social media marketing strategy!

According to a study by Twitter Academy, the 90% of the Twitter’s follower are really loyal and interested in the company they follow on the social network, and they create an important Word of Mouth on the web, that brings the 82% of them to recommend the page to their friends and contacts.

Given these interesting numbers, we can deduce that a Twitter’s presence is of vital importance, and moreover is essential to try to extend the users’ base.
But how? Let’s examine in depth this topic following two lines:
1. Tips to get more followers
2. Creation of Ads campaign aimed to the follower’s increase


 1. Tips to get more followers

First of all, if you want other people to follow you, you should be the first one who follow them: so try to understand who could be an interesting connection, follow it and more likely it will follow you too.
Moreover, besides tweet interesting contents which would favour interactions, it’s important to dialogue with your users’ base and take part into conversations; if you can’t find interesting contents in your feed home, use the hashtag # research tool to exploit the key words which could be linked to your company or your business.
An useful tool that allows to simultaneously control many accounts, retweets, new followers and interesting hashtag researchs is Tweet Deck, that you can activate in this link

Finally, promote your account everywhere! Include your username @ in your business card, in merchandising, and install the buttons “follow” or “tweet” in you official web site.

2. Creation of Ads campaign aimed to the follower’s increase

Thanks to Twitter Ads Italy it’s possible to create ads campaign aimed to the acquisition of additional followers, promoting your Twitter’s account by disclosing it in different ways: in the “who to follow” section in the right corner, directly in the home tweet feed of the users, or in the research’s results.

In your promotional message try to explain to the users why they should follow you! Indeed, the most important thing is to specify why they could find your profile interesting and suited to their needs, and for that is useful to customize the message according to the target. You shouldn’t use hashtag # or external links in the description, but it’s better to include the word “follow” in every kind of message.

Finally, you should always control the return of investments to evaluate the performance, through the use of specific statistic tools available directly on the social network: the Twitter Analytics that you can find here

Let’s keep updated to our blog for the analysis of the next useful Webinar we are going to follow!