Here there is the second Webinar organized by Twitter Academy: this time the main topic is “Generate direct response on Twitter”, and in this article we want to report few little tips about this argument.

First of all, we have to point out that there is an important difference between a direct response tweet and a brand awareness tweet: the first one exhort the user to do something, the known “call to action”, and the second one just focus on the rising of the brand awareness and the positive positioning in the mind of the client.

There are many purposes that make a company use Twitter as a channel in which generate direct response from the consumers, both potential and adquired: it can be used just as a medium to increase the users’ base, directly interact with it and create new potential contacts, for example interested in take part into the company’s newsletter (we are talking about lead generation); alternatively Twitter can address users to the official web site of the company, or exhort them to download an application, a discount coupon, any dedicated promotion that is part of the advertising communication campaign.


So, what really works for a direct response tweet?

  1. Ask questions in order to involve users, so you can have a feedback and start a directly interaction;
  2. Declare crearly your offer, suggesting a solution to a need stated by the average of your users’ base;
  3. The call to action has to be, as told before, clear and easy: in this case you should avoid the use of hashtag # or mentions @, but you should refer to external links (for example the corporate web site);
  4. Take advantage of the real-time aspect of the social network, to tweet for example during national and/or international events, commercial or corporate events, etc;
  5. Involve your public in a contest: the 54% of Twitter’s users are very attracted by contests, so exploit this tecnique for your call to action;
  6. Include evocative images in your tweet which can easily drawn the attention of the users.

Last but not least, it’s important to constantly control the tweet’s performance through the Twitter Analytics: increase the followers, number of retweet, favourites and answers. Moreover, there are others web platforms that provide kind of analytics that aren’t available on Twitter, you can find them here

Let’s keep updated to our blog for the analysis of the next useful Webinar we are going to follow!