Monday the 17th of November, at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milano, took place the BEA Expo Festival and the awards ceremony of BEA Italy 2014, and we of Creativi Digitali actively partecipated to the event, from different points of view.

Everything started in August, when we decided to partecipate to the Best Event Awards registering to the contest with a proyect dated 7th of September 2013, that many of you can remember: the Limbo Flash Mob Show! This justified our presence at EuBea in Seville on 23th and 24th of October, an amazing experience that allowed us to be noticed for our social and unconventional style: as well as the intense and constant live publication on our Facebook and Twitter pages, pre and post event we can count on 14 articles published on our blogs, with a total amount of more than 300 sharing, a photo album and a video of the experience, with which we have reached more than 26.000 users!


We didn’t passed unnoticed, and between the big event’s agencies attended the Festival we were able to stick out in the chase that the event’s organizer, ADC Group, got directly in touch with us to know our social media addicted team.
As we told in our previous article, Daniele Giudici has been invited to have a speech during the BEA Expo Festival about the topic “Innovation Lab, digital suggestions to manage successful events”, as big expert of social & digital sector: “Today events can’t live without social networks. Because them in the long tail can generate a big loyalty and a very strong added-value. You shouldn’t leave this task to inexperienced people, it’s so dangerous for the brand reputation. Besides establish a relation with the user, you must create interesting contents and keep the interaction alive. Because people are curious, they get excited and love sharing what make them interesting to their followers’ base” this is the summary of what Daniele said, during his intervention called “Social & Digital for events: involvement, live and long tail”.

The day of Monday 17th ended with the awards ceremony of BEA Italia 2014, where the agency Filmmaster triumphed with 19 prizes, followed by Ninetynine and Banca Mediolanum; in this link you can find the list of the winner’s agencies of Best Event Awards.

But it  does not end here!

Creativi Digitali has been officially chosen for the management of their social channels! The administration includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr, and provides a dense pubblications’ program about the Group’s activity: this collaboration has already started on BEA Expo Festival, where our team covered the entire day publishing live on the different ADC Group’s social channels. Read and download the italian version of the Official Press Release shared on e20Express web site.

Here there is a short photo gallery of the event and the awards ceremony of Monday.